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silent-tears 3rd December 2018 09:47 PM

In Silence You Left by Gabriella Sica
💜 "In silence you left
not to disturb as poets do
a raw Monday at the end of June.

Unperturbed as ever
I wonder if you've joked about this
at the tip of a pen
slight oh how slight.

The moon was a sharp sickle
small in the near eyes
but it will grow bright in the sky
the high the beloved full moon.

The last time of wall and elder
cold to the glasses
in the future, daisy and rose
and immense human spaces. "

~ Gabriella Sica ~
International award for the poetic work of LericiPea 2014

... sometimes I look out of those cold glasses, hoping to see you again for a moment. Sometimes I seem to see a fildiluce .... and my heart seems to burst and that's when I feel the scent of the sea and infinite ...... and I breathe intensely to give you life again.

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