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Saki (an english ghazal )
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Saki (an english ghazal ) - 19th March 2013, 07:49 PM

pesh-e-khidmat he ek english ghazal

radeef - saaki
kaafiya - ee

Like a homeless Bird searching for a tree , saaki
To quench my sorrows i have come to thee , saaki

Which one is more scarlet ? Your lips or this red wine
dark past ! red has been color of my glee , saaki

Adrift i was , extended pause , mundane was life
Now embrace me like wind does to the sea , saaki

Your glances make my heart dance till it gets tired
Pardon my tender heart , accept its plea , saaki

Fortune never favored me , i have been tormented
my hopes are on you , please no treachery , saaki

Let your golden locks dangle on your full moon face
let them dance , with your fragrance , set them free , saaki

"rohit " is mad , he wanted to write something else ;
Your beauty makes many ghalibs awry , saaki .....

Written in simple syllabic count meter , with internal rhymes , but maintains the takhallus , kafiya and radeef as the classical ghazal .

Slant rhymes are used in english poetry and are permissible , so are used here.

While changing language there has to be certain change in format of poetry to suit that language's unique features
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