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Makhdoom - Intezar - बात फूलों की – Indira Devi Dhanrajgir in Hindi Studio with ....
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Makhdoom - Intezar - बात फूलों की – Indira Devi Dhanrajgir in Hindi Studio with .... - 6th March 2018, 10:21 AM

Makhdoom - Intezar - बातफूलोंकी
Indira Devi Dhanrajgir in Hindi Studio with Manish Gupta
Dear Friends !
This is the heart of Ms. Indira Dhanrajgir's Life / Biography . She is Bhagmathi of Makhdoom Sahab's life and poetry. All his love gazals are addressed to her. I happened to get Makhdoom 's diary and other clinching documents secretly kept with her. All those papers were Makhoodm's manuscript of love gazals addressed to her. She traps / entices married men in the name of poetry and ruins their families. She has been narrating her sexcapades / long innings with several personalities in “ Sabras “ A Urdu Literary Monthlyy , published by Eivane- Urdu – Idaara , HyderabadThese reveal her love relation with Makhdoom sahab. I printed it as it is with title Chupa Makhdoom. She instigated Makhdoom's son Nursat( passed away in 2013 against me and foisted a police case. Her father married her off to Srikishen Seth nephew of Maharaja Kishen Pershad Ji. She bashed him up on day one itself and ran away and filed a divorce case which she dragged it till his death in 1968. She propagated in community that he was not fit for conjugal life . since 1969 she started enticing my father again in the guise of poetry and enacted the circus / street play of marriage in 1971 for the sake of getting her share of their ancestral property. She ruined Srikishen Seth's life and ruined my father's life and literature. Makhoom and one popular police officer are her best benificiaries. Srikishen Seth and my father are her worst victims. She is a nymphomaniac steeped in Razaakar Culture. Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma
Makhdoom Mohiuddin- Quli Qutub Shah

Makhdoom Mohiuddin is Quli Qutub Shah of 20th century. Quli laid the foundation of ghazal. It is a historical fact that in the hands of Makhdoom gazal attained amazing heights and its crowing glory. Bhagmathi (Lady Love) inspired and enticed Quli into love ghazal. Similarly, there was lady love in Makhdoom’s life and literature also. Ms.Indira Dhanrajgir is life-force of Makhdoom’s love ghazals. All his love ghazals are addressed to her. Ms.Indira is Bhagmathi of Maqdoom’s life and 20th century urdu gazal. Indira Ji’s name appears conspicuously in several pages in his Magnum Opus ‘Bisat-e-Raqs”. Without an elaborate discussion on this vital aspect any account of Makhdoom’s life or poetry is shallow and meaningless. All the researchers and critics should work on this component of Makhdoom’s literature.

Nusrath Mohiuddin S/o Maqdoom Mohiuddin passed away on 4.4.2013. RIP to his soul.
What is tragic is to whom he was close to during his life time did not turn up to pay last tributes to him . Indira Dhanrajgir who was close to his father for decades did not bother to see his mortal remains. Nusrath was loyal and committed to her till the last moment. He used to be with her in all her meetings and family get togethers. Even when Maqdoom passed away she did not visit his house to pay last tribute. Maqdoom sahab passed away in Delhi and his body was brought to Hyderabad in August 1969. She was holidaying in Mauritius with her new love. Such people have no human values / sentiments.

“One day when swarms of lamps vanish, in the light of a lonely lamp I ask the dumb pillars”.
“Can’t you liberate me from the disgust of this existence?
I ask those stand still forest flame trees
Which blossom flowers at that very place year after year” can’t you rescue me?
I ask those high roof tops and this Venetian furniture
Which every one feels are greater than me,
“can’t you rescue me from the disgust of this existence?”
All these answer in a melancholic voice
“We have been languishing since more than 100 years watching the same unchanging scenes we are older prisoners than you are” (Janavamsham: Telugu: Seshendra: Page 80-81:1993: Translated by me)
I could not rescue him from the clutches of that nymphomaniac and vampire. There may be an exception or two but an average Indian woman desires from the depths of her soul that her husband should live long and she should pass away before him. She performs prayers and fasts on auspicious days for this purpose. She in spite of being 3years elder to him did away with my father in a planned and premeditated manner and I was a silent and helpless witness to it. He suffered 1st Heart attack in November 1997. Cardiologists performed angiogram and advised open heart surgery. Because there were blocks in vessels and one valve was damaged. But she successfully thwarted it and without my knowledge or informing any one got angioplasty done in Mediciti (Hyderabad: AP; India) her plan was to do away with him and live long, and establish herself as his wife through his books. He was succumbing to her blackmail. My overwhelming hunch is that she was threatening him with social insult and humiliation if he parts ways with her. Between 1997-2007, she played football with his body. He used to be hospitalized every now and then with swollen body and heart pain. Because of damaged valve pumping was impaired and water used to accumulate in the system. Every time I used to force her to hospitalize him. He used be in ICCU for a couple of days and recover marginally. After each visit to hospital he was getting debilitated gradually. He was put on wheel chair. He was virtually under house arrest. He was not allowed to speak to friends and family members. Visitors were kept away. He was taking Lasix (Tablet: is a diuretic that is used to treat fluid accumulation, caused by heart failure, cirrhosis, chronic kidney failure, and nephrotic syndrome.) to flush out water accumulated in his body. This creates a painful dilemma in me whether my interference in his health matters was just. As his son it was my moral duty to protect him. But I sometimes feel if I were not to interfere she would have put him to death long ago and thus he would have escaped from physical and mental torture quite early.
Towards perhaps end of the month of March she withdrew medication. He got swollen suddenly and that condition continued till the last day i.e. 30th may 2007. Each time I visited I used to tell that witch to take him to hospital. But after a couple of visits I got convinced that she made up her mind this time to do away with him. I requested a bastard who was feigning to be a friend of mine, who incidentally happens to be a legal luminary of this region to send a doctor friend to that place and ascertain the exact condition of his health. But of no avail.
I kept on telling him to come out of that place and lead a normal and healthy life. Her blackmail gained an upper hand and I lost in my efforts to restore health to him and bring him back to civilized society. O God pardon me for not being able to outmaneuver her machinations. Pardon me father.

. Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma
My Dear Journalist Friends of Deccan Chronicle! Hearty Greetings
This is a Spam account and its holder is one of the domesticated canines of Ms. Indira Dhanrajgir.
a) Ms. Indira Dhanrajgir is 92 years old and confined strictly to wheel chair and bed. The distance between her and her grave is less than 2 steps. She is 100 percent Computer Illiterate and Internet Illiterate. One of the domesticated canines living off her crumbs has been creating these spam accounts, posting false info and trying to suppress truth.
b) In Social Media websites these canines are creating accounts with the Name: Indira Seshendra . What is her correct name as per legal records?
c) This is a clinching / defining moment in this dirtiest episode of our times.
d) Please track down the Spam account holder / her canine and force him /her to submit : 1) her marriage certificate with my father , Seshendra Sharma , her correct name as it appears in legal documents 3 ) Her father’s will of that ancestral property. 4) Last , but the most important point , heir apparent of Dhanrajgir family , her youger brother , Mahendrapratap Dhanrajgir ,( who lives in the same building ) ‘s interview with main focus on her marriage , her correct name and her share of the ancestral property as per her father’s will.
e) If our D.C Journalist friends bring these facts to light ,
Decades long Razaakaar Crime Story of Ms. Indira Dhanrajgir will come to an end.
Please do your duty as defenders of truth and social values without further loss of time.
Yours Sincerely
Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma
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